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The International Congress on Archaeological Sciences in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East (ICAS-EMME) is a leading international conference organised by STARC and the A.G. Leventis Chair in Archaeological Sciences that brings together scientists and archaeologists working in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. The conference aims to highlight the latest advances in natural, material, and computational science applications to archaeology and cultural heritage in the region, providing an international academic forum for the dissemination of results of current research in these fields.


The fourth edition of the ICAS-EMME conference will be held at The Cyprus Institute in Nicosia, Cyprus, from May 15-18, 2024. The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Archaeometry: The study of ancient materials and technology using scientific methods.
  • Bioarchaeology: The study of human remains from archaeological sites.
  • Environmental archaeology: The study of human - environmental interactions. 
  • Geoarchaeology: The study of the geological and geomorphological context of archaeological sites.
  • Isotope and elemental analysis: The use of isotopes and elements to study human diet, mobility, and environment.
  • Computational methods: The use of computers to analyze archaeological data.

The conference will feature a mix of oral presentations, poster sessions, and workshops. There will also be a social program that will give participants a chance to network and socialize.


The first conference called ICAS-EMNE was held in Paphos in 2008. This was resurrected in 2019 as ICAS-EMME 2 by the then Director of STARC and the A. G. Leventis Chair in Archaeological Sciences, Prof. Thilo Rehren.

ICAS-EMME 2 saw over 100 contributions from 37 institutions with over 22 nationalities. The format facilitated the involvement and representation of each STARC faculty. Each session chair consisted of a STARC faculty member and a senior international scholar.  

ICAS-EMME 3 was held in March 2022, at the very tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic in hybrid form attracting over 130 contributions in 12 thematic sessions. 91 contributions took place in person and 41 contributions were online. Over 20 nationalities were representated in ICAS-EMME 3 despite the challenging situations of the pandemic.

ICAS-EMME 4 will be held between 15-18 May 2024 at The Cyprus Institute.

ICAS-EMME Co-Organizers

The ICAS-EMME conferences are co-organized by:

  • The Science and Technology in Archaeology and Culture Research Center (STARC) of the Cyprus Institute
  • The Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI)
  • The Archaeological Research Unit (ARU) of the University of Cyprus

ICAS-EMME Social Media

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