Session 3 – PlaCe-ITN session: Premodern Plasters and Ceramics from the Eastern Mediterranean

Chairs: Maria Dikomitou Eliadou (The Cyprus Institute), Athanasios K. Vionis (University of Cyprus) and Artemis Georgiou (University of Cyprus)

The PlaCe-ITN session “Premodern Plasters and Ceramics from the eastern Mediterranean” welcomes papers on interdisciplinary studies of plasters and ceramics from the entire region of the eastern Mediterranean, dated from prehistory to the post-medieval times. The general scope of this session is to bring together researchers that conduct research in the fields of plaster and pottery analysis using different techniques and methodologies for tackling issues of archaeological significance and related to artefact morphology, plaster and ceramic technology, production, including experimental reproduction, distribution, use and reuse. It is anticipated that the corpus of papers presented will stimulate research discussions regarding methodological approaches, and in tandem, they will contribute to our collective enhanced understanding of regional histories and ancient eastern Mediterranean communities. For more information about PlaCe-ITN, please visit: