Chairs: Michel Menu (CyI) and Nadia Cantin (CEAlex, Egypt)

The session is devoted to the characterization and conservation of Cultural Heritage objects. Innovative analysis will offer the opportunity to enhance and personalize the experience of works of art (in a broader sense including archaeological artefacts, ancient buildings, …), for a wide range of visitors.

This session is therefore devoted to specific topics related to the notion of Augmented Heritage Objects (AHO) that requires a multidisciplinary co-construction from the conception of the tools and the selection of the information sources, to the creation of new data and services. The session will present the most recent analytical developments such as multi-analytical-scanners and results achieved on objects, buildings, materials not covered in the other sessions such as: mosaics, painting, stained glass, paper, textile…

This session calls for contributions in, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Analysis of cultural heritage
  • Conservation of cultural heritage