Chairs: Sorin Hermon (CyI) and Xavier Rodier (Directeur de la MSH Val de Loire, Ingénieur de Recherche HDR au CNRS)

Collaborative data infrastructures for Cultural Heritage 

Cultural Heritage encompasses a broad range of disciplines from the humanities and social sciences. Modern research trends acknowledge the contribution of natural and exact sciences to the research, conservation, protection and valorisation of tangible and intangible heritage assets. A broader dialogue framework is therefore needed to be created in order to harmonize and optimize the interaction and exchange of ideas among researchers from the various fields operating in the broader heritage domain. Moreover, there is an increasing need to transform Cultural Heritage study into an open, data-driven discipline and thus transforming its practices from a competitive approach to a collaborative one.  The papers discussed in this session will explore the challenges, the tools and the methods needed to advance this paradigm shift.