The fourth edition of the ICAS-EMME conference will be held at The Cyprus Institute in Nicosia, Cyprus, from May 15-18, 2024. The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Archaeometry: The study of ancient materials and technology using scientific methods.
  • Bioarchaeology: The study of human remains from archaeological sites.
  • Environmental archaeology: The study of human - environmental interactions. 
  • Geoarchaeology: The study of the geological and geomorphological context of archaeological sites.
  • Isotope and elemental analysis: The use of isotopes and elements to study human diet, mobility, and environment.
  • Computational methods: The use of computers to analyze archaeological data.

The conference will feature a mix of oral presentations, poster sessions, and workshops. There will also be a social program that will give participants a chance to network and socialize.


The first conference called ICAS-EMNE was held in Paphos in 2008. This was resurrected in 2019 as ICAS-EMME 2 by the then Director of STARC and the A. G. Leventis Chair in Archaeological Sciences, Prof. Thilo Rehren.

ICAS-EMME 2 saw over 100 contributions from 37 institutions with over 22 nationalities. The format facilitated the involvement and representation of each STARC faculty. Each session chair consisted of a STARC faculty member and a senior international scholar.  

ICAS-EMME 3 was held in March 2022, at the very tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic in hybrid form attracting over 130 contributions in 12 thematic sessions. 91 contributions took place in person and 41 contributions were online. Over 20 nationalities were representated in ICAS-EMME 3 despite the challenging situations of the pandemic.

ICAS-EMME 4 will be held between 15-18 May 2024 at The Cyprus Institute.

ICAS-EMME Co-Organizers

The ICAS-EMME conferences are co-organized by:

  • The Science and Technology in Archaeology and Culture Research Center (STARC) of the Cyprus Institute
  • The Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI)
  • The Archaeological Research Unit (ARU) of the University of Cyprus

ICAS-EMME Social Media

You can also follow the ICAS-EMME conferences on social media:

  • Twitter: #icasemme4
  • Facebook:@icasemme4