Art Characterization

Session chairs: Dr Svetlana Gasanova and Dr Nikolas Bakirtzis

Analytical research on works of art, archaeological materials and heritage artefacts has a long history of applications and methods that aim at an array of challenges related to authentication, provenance, modes of production, conservation and restoration. Recent developments in science and technology offered new instrumental setups to the heritage scientists permitting in-situ non-invasive analyses of precious objects. The detailed analytical characterization seeks to understand how cultural heritage assets were made, from which materials, how they were used and what happened to them from the time they were produced until the time they were analysed and what measures need to be undertaken in order to maintain their integrity for future generations.

The Art Characterization session aims to bring together nature scientists, art-historians and conservator-restorers to stimulate discussions related to holistic analytical studies of works of painted art such as canvas paintings, panel paintings, wall paintings and icons. This session will highlight the diverse aspects of art characterization including novel analytical methods and development of integrated approaches applied in heritage science; study of materials and techniques on the example of important case studies; discovery of hidden details or overpaintings; restoration-conservations treatments and campaigns. Materials presented at the Art characterization session will stimulate a cross-disciplinary dialogue and provide the opportunity to bridge the existing gap between sciences and technology on one hand and humanities and art experts on the other hand.