Graduate Research in Archaeological Sciences in the EMME region

Session chairs: M. Desai, C. Henkel, A. Karligkioti, M. Mardini, M. Soyluoglu, K. Tsirtsi, C. Vergidou and Dr Lindy Crewe

The Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East region, as a cultural melting pot, has enticed archaeological and scientific interest since the early 19th century, when Archaeology first developed as a discipline. Archaeological Sciences emerged later in the 20th century, bringing together a multitude of methodologies and approaches from both the humanities and natural sciences in order to better understand the complexities of past human societies and their interaction with the environment. This resulted in a plethora of multidisciplinary research initiatives, particularly in the context of international collaborations that both went beyond standard archaeological narratives and facilitated the formation of new debates on a wide range of topics and themes using various lines of evidence.

For the first time, the International Congress on Archaeological Sciences in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East will have a special session devoted to young researchers, entitled Graduate Research in Archaeological Sciences in the EMME region. In an effort to promote the continued integration of archaeological sciences and archaeology, we invite graduate and post graduate students, whose studies focus on the EMME region and employ archaeological science-based approaches, such as archaeomaterials, archaeobotany, bioarchaeology and dendrochronology, to present their work.

This graduate session is open to all individuals for the purpose of creating a fruitful dialogue with the exchange of ideas in a supportive and friendly environment. We are now accepting submissions and we look forward to your contributions.