Multimodal Digital Heritage Preservation in the EMME Region.

Man-Made threats and Climate Changes induced Natural Disasters

Session chairs: Dr Dante Abate, Prof. Eva Savina Malinverni, Dr Roberto Pierdicca

A large number of significant heritage sites around the world are fragile assets, faced with different and continuous challenges.

Uncontrolled urban development, tourism, inappropriate site management, neglect, pollution, natural hazards and climate change are all playing their part in the damage to cultural heritage. This non‐renewable resource, in all its diverse physical forms, needs safeguarding for future generations.

Over the last three decades the significant increase of digitization techniques exploiting a wide array of platforms and sensors (multimodal) has allowed the creation of a vast amount of data which can be further used for visualization, restoration and analysis purposes.

Topics Contributions are solicited (but not limited to) in the following topics:

  • Digitization of Cultural Heritage assets under threats or inaccessible exploiting image- and range-based techniques such as 3D scanning and photogrammetry.

  • Visual data analysis, processing, and fusion of Heritage assets under threats or inaccessible.
  • Digital fabrication, including subtractive and additive methods, such as 3D printing, of Heritage assets under threats or inaccessible.