Scientific Analysis of Ancient Glass in the EMME region

Session chairs: Dr Artemios Oikonomou and Dr Daniela Rosenow

Glass is the latest pyrotechnological manmade material that needed the greatest amount of technical know-how to produce it of any other inorganic ancient materials in antiquity. In the very beginning of its invention glass has been attributed a ritual significance, but through time and innovation, slowly developed a more functional character.

Glass is attested in every social level and therefore its study can provide valuable information regarding the socioeconomic activities of past societies. The production and trade of glass is a focus of current research in glass studies, developing from archaeological and scientific evidence. Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East region (EMME) played a very important role in glass distribution since most of the important sites from prehistory to the late antique are located in this region.

This session aims to bring together scholars working at the EMME region in glass studies and to provide an international forum to exchange relevant up to date archaeological and analytical data. We welcome studies relating to archaeology and archaeological technology of glass, provenance and recycling issues, change of glass technology and production methods with a broad chronological range, from Late Bronze Age to Early Islamic glass.